Vi~Aqua Water Energising Technology (WET) CO2 CONVERTER – TOTALLY ORGANIC

Vi-Aqua is an extraordinary innovative technology designed to provide water with electromagnetic energy. This facilitates the metabolism of organisms improving the uptake of nutrients and the chemical interactions that normally occur in nature. The system stimulates the electrochemical activity of molecules, prevents the formation of limescale, while dissolving the minerals normally contained in water, allowing them to be absorbed more easily. Vi-Aqua is a patented technology, scientifically proven to produce results in all sectors of agriculture, particularly in the production of fruit, vegetables and livestock. In plants it increases the natural immune system enhancing the root activity and stimulating the process of photosynthesis, therefore increasing the absorption of CO2 from the air. In animals it sanitizes the immune system enhancing metabolism efficiency, consequently controlling the intestinal fermentation and reducing the production of methane and ammonia. Viaqua has been successfully tested for both agricultural and breeding purposes. For human consumption, however, water treated electronically may increase the effectiveness of certain active ingredients as medicines. Persons who have pacemakers fitted should seek medical advice before operating this device.



• Increases the solubility of nutrients in the water

• Improves the quality of the plant and its lush appearance

• Reduces the use of fertilizers

• Increases the body’s resistance against plant and animal diseases and funguses

• Improves roots development

• Optimizes the use of water by increasing its efficiency

• Significant de-scaling effect in pipes and nozzles

• Low cost of ownership


• No chemicals, totally organic and biological

• Thoroughly tested safe for the environment

• Easy to install, no special tools and skills required

• Remote supervision and control in real time.

• Stimulates the natural metabolism of plants and animals.

The company currently offers 4 different products:

Vi~Aqua EIDS

Approx. capacity 25,000 lt/hEIDSantenna_piccola

Apparatus for the treatment of large quantities of water, inside a tank up to a volume of 25,000 litres, inside a pipe with continuous flow up to 100,000 litres/hour, useful for golf courses, sport fields, greenhouse and in the field for all types of crops, as well as for each type of animal breeding. Available for different applications, to be immersed in a tank or connected to pipes in the open fields of the farm. The perfect functioning is guaranteed by a monitoring service via GSM (Optional) in constant contact with the head office control system. Power consumption 24 W – 100/240V


100 lt/h

hosemate_pUsed for watering lawns and plants, compatible with most garden hoses. Simply attached to hoses, it can be used to water small to medium sized gardens to a maximum 100 litres per hour. Absorption 15 W – 100/240V Buy_now2


plantmate_p 15/20 lt at once (15 seconds treatment)

Manual apparatus, ideal for indoor use in houses, small gardens and farms. It increases the life of cut flowers.

Battery PP3 9V -150 mA/h.




300 lt/h

The Gardenmate will have a ¾ inch (19mm) diameter pipe plumbed on site to a ¾ inch (19mm) plastic/PVC pipe for higher water volume treatment and a Microamp (µA) meter for measuring the signal strength of the radio frequency treating the water. Suitable for commercial use on small farm holdings or Polly tunnels treating up to a maximum 300 litres per hour.

Power supply 85–264 VAC

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